Outdoor Cam - Remote Access

This past weekend I went to visit my daughter who lives about 4 hours from my house. While there, I was unable to access the video stream from my outdoor cam through the Wyze app. It would get to step 3/3 and then give an error. I don’t have the exact error message, but it was something to the effect of “Can’t load video stream”. All of my other v2 cameras could be accessed without issue during this time frame.
When I returned home, I could once again access the video stream without issue.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

Yes I have. This has happened to me two times since the “maintenance” that took place last Friday night / Saturday morning. Prior to that, I did not have this problem. The last time this problem happened I was home and looked at the WCO. It was blinking blue the entire time and wold not stop.
I then triggered a contact sensor which forces my WCO to take a 12 second clip. After that the WCO worked properly.

According to the quick start guide the blinking blue light indicates the WCO is connecting to the network. My WCO only had 1 bar of signal strength at the time. I moved my base station a bit closer and now have 2 bars. So far so good…

Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t sound like quite the same issue, My “fix” was simply getting back to my home network. I’ll have to try again the next time I travel and see if the problem persists.