Outdoor cam nail plastic anchor

Do you know the drill bit size for the nail plastic anchor for outdoor cam? thank you.

The instructional video for installation of the WCO recommends a 5/32 drill bit. I’m unsure on the anchor size though.


Thank you, I ended up not using the plastic anchor.

It was beautiful after I put it up. However the battery dropped to 10% from a full charge after only 2 days, it took me about 6 hours initially out of the box to fully charge it.

Is there something wrong with the battery when this happens?

It depends entirely upon how much you were using it. If you were watching the live video for a couple of hours then that would run down the battery quickly.


Like @Customer mentioned, how are you using the camera? Events only? Camplus? How many events? Live stream the camera? The product page states battery life can be 3 to 6 months, but when you do the math, equates to about 5 minutes of camera “awake time” a day.

I only checked on it once for a few seconds when the installation was done last Saturday night, a couple of times on Sunday for a few seconds each time, I noticed the battery was at 29%, in the morning of Monday it was 10%, then it became 6%. It remained at 6% for a long time, now it’s Tuesday morning at 7:42 it’s at 5%.

So it strangely decreased only 1% the entire day yesterday. It dropped 70% the first day overnight after being looked at for less than one minutes total, it dropped 19% the second day without being looked at.

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One event on Sunday morning at 8:52am lasted for 12 seconds when I left my house. One event (12 seconds) last night (Monday night the battery was at 6%) when I came back home.

No cam+

Sounds messed up to me if that’s after a full charge. If you charge it again and it dies that quickly again then perhaps it needs to be returned.

I like to see how long that 5% will last, it’s still at 5% after at least 8 hours and being looked at 3 times. I’ll recharge it afterwards.

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It has been charged since 5pm yesterday, this morning at 6am it was still charging blinking red, I switched it to an external power pack from my Macbook Air, it is still blinking red now at 10:42am.

I stopped charging it since 8pm yesterday it was still blinking red. I think it’s time to return it.

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Thanks for the updates.

Is a return shipping label provided?

Call support: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
I believe they send you a paid shipping label if you call or chat them.

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