Outdoor Cam Frustration in Placement for Triggering Motion

So I am having a horrible time placing one of my outdoor cams in a spot that triggers properly. It seems no matter where I put it the person is always walking towards it and never side to side so it triggers to late. I did have it on the left side of my garage and facing pretty much down the street and still the Amazon would trigger it almost as they passed under it. So this weekend I moved it to the other side of the garage and once again faced it down the street and it didn’t record my daughter until she was past it. I angled it more this morning and now the IR sensor shines on the brick instead of the driveway. Getting this camera to trigger is incredible frustrating. Any suggestions would help.

When you say Outdoor Camera, are you talking about the Battery Camera or the v3? Assuming you are talking about the Battery Camera, can you answer a few questions in order to help:

  • What version of the App are you using
  • What is the version of the WCO Firmware
  • where is the PIR setting at
  • What is your Distance and Sensitivity set to
  • How is the Camera Mounted
  • Check to see if you have Detection Zones On, if you do, turn it off to see if it makes a difference

Below are my settings for the WCO Camera

If you are using Cam Plus and notify only on that, turn on All Motion Notifications to see if it makes a difference.

Cam Outdoors - battery version
Base Station version
Cam Version
see screenshot for settings.
How is it mounted I am not sure how to answer. to the side of the garage on a mount?
Detection zones are on.

Before it was mounted this direction and didn’t catch the FedEx guy coming up the driveway only leaving.

Sorry, should have been clearer on this question. Is it mounted right side up or Upside down? Based on the image, I see it is right side up. :slight_smile:

I would set the distance to 100 for now and see if that makes a difference. I also see you have detection Zone turned on, can you share what the zone is? or Turn it off for another test.

@carverofchoice , @R.Good - do you have any other suggestions on settings or adjustments as well?

I have the detection zone turned on for all my WCO cams and this on is the only one that I have an area darkened out in the upper left, (Tree). My WCO usually only detect people at 25 feet or less and if someone is walking fast the cam may catch them and notify a few seconds later. Of course they will detect cars, trucks, and other vehicles at 55 feet. I moved the cams a least 6 times so I could get the view I wanted and have the motion crossing the PIR Zone also which is a must ,and sometimes difficult to do.

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Since the top of your PIR zone is where the red line is can you tilt the cam up a little so the structure in the yellow is either at the top or in the PIR zone, it won’t take much. The way it looks to me that driveway is probably 21-22 feet long and where your PIR is now it is not much distance to where The star I put is where I think the cam would alert you of a person walking at normal pace.

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I actually had it up that high when I first mounted it there, but it kept alerting to cars which is why I moved it down. The camera was originally mounted up above where that star is, but pointing in the opposite direction, I am thinking if I move the camera back over there, but have it pointing in this same direction then when someone comes up the driveway it will seem more like a side entrance instead of a head on to the camera.

Well if it was alerting to cars in the street with your original set up you could have just turned vehicle and all other motion off in the cam plus setting and set the AI notifications for Person, Package. You would still get the videos of the cars in events just not the constant notifications.

I actually didn’t think to turn off the vehicle detection. that would also keep it from alerting me to my own car when backing out of the garage. So far I have had packages delivered three times this week and it has not triggered once the delivery guy walking up the driveway.

Sorry to hear that and I am out of ideas. I got my WCO because I only have one exterior power outlet and that is in the back of the house. I didn’t want to drill a bunch of holes through my walls to run power out or run wires through the widows. I finally found an area at the front of the garage where I could just drill a hole through the wood siding to get power for a V3. I drilled 7/16" hole, and ran the power wire from the V3 to a power strip in the garage. Since it appears that your house is brick by the garage I guess that is out of the question but if you can find power somehow get one V3, you will be happier. If you get a V3 turn Vehicle notifications off or it will drive you nuts.