Issues with outdoor cam vs v2 cam am I using it right?

So far not really happy with the outdoor cam vs the other v2 cams i have.

I am I using this correctly?
I have one sd in the camera. I set up a schedule to record motion for one month.

The trigger zones don’t seem to work as configured.
I am getting motion recordings by things out of the zone from what I can tell .
In have only 4 squares selected. And the lowest sensitivity.

I hate i have to set a recording schedule to get any motion videos saved.

I hate the motion videos are small files vs a time line with highlights to the motion. Now I have to down load many small videos vs streaming and using a time bar.

I hate there is no option to use power cord vs a battery.

Welcome to the community @acem77 . I volunteer to assist in the forum when possible.

I would turn on motion tagging so you can see what triggered the event. Please note that the detection zone indicates where to trigger the event, but once it is triggered, the entire image is analyzed to see if any part of the video can be tagged with the appropriate AI.

Also, can you provided the following:

  • App Version you are using
  • Firmware Version of the Outdoor Cam
  • Firmware Version of the Outdoor Cam Base
  • Image of your detection zone setting

If you are asking about the V2, please provide the Firmware of the V2 Camera you are using.


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The detection with the WCO and the V2 is completely different. Since you have a long list of things you hate about the WCO maybe you purchased the wrong camera for your needs. If you want power for the WCO WYZE sells a solar panel for it. There are some members here that have had good luck with the solar panels from what I’ve read, I don’t have one.

Mainly it’s a change in how the software works. Id assume it would work similar to my original cameras. But I assumed…shame on me

With this post I was hoping I missed something at a basic level. On each key point of frustration.( Can’t see that being the case as I been through every option possible multiple times.)

I have the latest versions of software and fw.

Past the cookie cutter check everything thing under the sun. A basic answer of thats how it works or I am missing something?

To get video on motion do I need to set a scheduled recording?

To confirm there is not a time line review with motions triggers to find for recordeds that’s streams from the camera.
Small recordings triggered by motion stored under albums scheduled recordings? That have to be downloaded to my device/phone to play?

Does PIR over ride or work with the motion zones?
Some reason my PIR preview shows the bottom half in a light blue color…

Trigger spots should it only trigger for motion in the squares i select? At this point I have one square selected
Near the middle right side. But it seems to get motion of small creatures at the very bottom view at least 4 or more squares away from my motion zone.
It seems like it’s not masking.

I never get an alerts for any triggers during scheduled recording.

If you have cam plus lite or cam plus you do not need to use scheduled recording
There is no time line review
Yes scheduled recordings are saved in the album and yes you have to download to your device to view, you can play them from the Wyze app but they are still downloaded to your device album

PIR works with the detection zone and yes the bottom half is the PIR zone and it is supposed to be light green/blue.

I have never had good luck with any detection zones set u[p on my 4 WCO or my one V3.

I’ve been doing scheduled event recording on my 4 cams for 14 months and I always still get notifications of events if I have Detects motion turned on in the cam settings. That is the cloud recording and you need CP lite or CP to get videos, without you will just get thumbnail photos and alerts if notifications are turned on.

I have also found that if you set up a cam for scheduled event recording and turn off detects motion in the camera setting the camera will still record any motion event but you will not get any notifications.

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It’s just called the “Wyze Cam Outdoor“
I have yet to get or see a video recordered out side of scheduled recordings.

Is that the only way to video from this? Id assume I should be able to? I have received alerts yet never see a video under video in albums.

Do you have cam plus lite or cam plus? The videos recorded to the cloud server are viewed via the events page on the bottom of the app. These are all Wyze Cam Outdoor cams, and they are event video recordings.

In have not opted into either. Do I need to? On my v2 cam I’d get the alert and play the video from the internal sd.

I assume it’s the same with the outdoor camera.
I only want a notification and then I check what’s recorded internal.

Right now I only have an SD in the camera and not the base.

There is no playback for the video events on the WCO like on your V2 and there never has been. You can’t play back videos from the base either, you need to take the card out find the videos and view on a PC or device with a card reader. Attached is what the recordings look like in the camera album with a cam duing scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam.

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Thank for all the help so far.
But Flfor real? they don’t have the capability to play back video recordings over the app from nonscheduled video recording? They really want you to pay for the subscription… I have a dedicated sec dvr. I only need the out door Wyze cam for lite work once in a while.
The others v2 inside cams work as needed for my needs

So odd as I can see and play video from schedule recordings captures even though it seems to capture all movement vs the set mask I applied…
Why do they have a video folders?
Its so counter intuitive…

Bottom line is either do scheduled event recording or get cam plus lite for $0.00, it’s just the way it is now. If you go and sign up for CP Lite it will give you a recommended price, just use the “custom price” and type in $0.00 if you don’t want to pay. Without CP lite you will just get thumbnail photos on the app events page. ZERO=ZERO

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I just reviewed my SD card not one video.
From an earlier reply I thought any motion detection would be recorded as a video and I needed access it right from the SD card.l unless it was a scheduled recording or plan.

I only have a bunch of event thumbnails.
All of those seem to be triggers by motion at the very bottom view. And not where I set the motion filter …

Wow this camera seems to be garbage with out the subscription plans.
Using the lite plan is the only way I get video that is properly trigger based on my motion filter.

Is there not a way to get video with out the plan and not setting a recorded schedule?