Outdoor Cam failure

My outdoor cam failed, checked it at 80% charge, next morning it was at 5%…, would not charge and is now useless, it did rain that night, we rarely have rain here, was it’s first and only rain. Took off the bottom, sticker on surface, 4 small screws and it easily removes, looks like it fried itself by the charging port, possibly water got into the charging port, these do not seem rain resistant. I feel ripped off.

That’s strange. My 4 cams are 14 months old and have been expose to direct rain numerous times. Most recently they were in the rain for a full week with some really very heavy downpours. The only issues I had was the exterior lenses getting wet and distorting the view until dried off. I always have them mounted correctly and make sure I put the little rubber cover over the charging port on tightly after a charge. Did the cover for the charging port fit tight was was not torn someplace?

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Do a warranty replacement at Wyze, we have over 44 of them and no issues at all

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WOW! I thought I had a lot of Wyze cams all over my house and property, but you easily have me beat. Can I ask about your setup? What type of property are this covering and that alone can push the limits of a network. What kind of speed do you get from your ISP (I’m on fiber so GB) and I’m curious about your router(s). I’m running an Asus mesh with a GT-AX11000, RT-AX88U, RT-AX82U and RT-AX89X. I just took a peek and have 60 devices connected to the routers.

I am very diligent on making sur the port cover is in place. Had to be water getting in somehow, it was at 80% charge then over night down to 5% and dead, so it wasn’t from charging.

I would agree that water got in somehow, looks like a mess inside to me. I would contact support after they go back to work on Monday or after. Make sure you save your picture and any other pictures if you have any.
I would start a support ticket today also if you can. I have had good luck by calling support on the phone during business hours. which I think now a 6AM- 6PM Pacific time Monday-Friday — 206-339-9646 or 844-999-3226

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I put my outdoor cams in these. The charging port is completely enclosed at the rear of the housing and as long as the cams are aimed downwards a little, any water that would potentially find its way in from a strong driving rain will immediately run out.

To late now for @snowsurfer. :upside_down_face: But it is a good idea and since I have had no issues with my cams out in all kinds of weather I never bothered to do that. While it was pouring down rain for a week I put a plastic dry wall knife on top of one cams, a little forward like a hat so I wouldn’t have to keep going out and keep wiping the wet lens face off, it worked. :smiley:

Where did you have this mounted, and how did you have this one mounted? (Pictures of this location will work wonders, thanks)