Outdoor Cam Event issue

I have 4 outdoor cams we installed in late October. Issue is only with one, which started yesterday. When an event is captured, the picture is nearly completely white. When you pull up the camera, everything looks normal. But when an event is captured, the photo is white.

I just installed the firmware update on all four cameras yesterday, and this issue happened before the firmware update.

Are you getting event videos or images? Have you considered cam plus lite (pay what you want, or free) to get 12 second videos?

Can you share a screenshot of the image your seeing as well as the live view? Thanks!

Sounds like it isn’t loading. How is the Wi-Fi signal to that cam?

Signal is 3 bar strong. Oddly, my sound isn’t working on that camera either.

If you put it in a place easy to access I would take it down and turn the power switch on the back to off, then to back on and see if it does any better?

Can you post the event or the photo? Can you post a photo of what the camera view is normally? So we can see the differences? Thanks in advance!