Outdoor Cam Distance and Night Vision quality?

• Has anyone tested the the approximate max distance from the base to the camera? For instance, if I mount the base in my garage, put a cam on my mailbox or by a deer feed in the back yard.

• How is the night vision quality? For instance, if I put a camera on my mailbox, would I be able to see a 15mph-20mph license plate?

• What signal is used from the base to the camera? I thought I was basic wifi, but it was also talking about how it should connect to the router via ethernet, not wirelessly, so that part confused me. Just curious, so I can set my routers to different channels. My main router is for media, etc. My second will be for wyze products.

• Their video talked about taking the cam when you travel. Do you need the base for that? Or can your phone connect directly to it? This will be handy when my family goes up north. If my kids are asleep inside, my wife and I can relax by a fire and still check on them. There is no internet up there, nor good cell service.

Maybe 100 feet from the base, depends what the wi-if signal is going through,No you will not get a 15-20 mph license plate, I don’t think there is any home cam that can do that :astonished:. .Base station has to be plugged into modem/router via Ethernet.The base station shows up as it own network and the cameras connect to that network. I don’t know what it can do in travel mode, just do a search for that.

The update of firmware yesterday for the outdoor cams and base station now allows you to connect the base station to a 2.4 GZ wi-fi network or you can still use ethernet.

Thank you!! I was wondering that, so it is using wifi from the base to the camera, and now from the router to the base? I try to hardwire everything, definitely excited for the POE at some point! And I thought about a separate camera at my mailbox, and i’ll just run ethernet directly to it. Will probably have to use a different brand, which i’m trying not to have to do…

Awesome on the distance! I was thinking of pointing cam in both directions on the road. The place we’re moving to is rural and mostly people just dumpster diving the new construction homes. But a few people have had people in their garage trying to steal tools. Just overthinking possible options before we move in… My garage won’t have a side door, and the house will only have a front and rear door. Not terribly worried, as the doorbell cam will be released soon.

I’ll look more into the travel option. I only heard of it from their release video and I haven’t researched it at all… LOL

The camera uses the wi-fi from the base. The change made was now you can move your base away from the Modem/router and connect the base to your home network via wi-fi instead of having to plug it directly into your modem/router via ethernet. As for your distance, just take your phone, connect it to your home network (2.4 GZ) and walk as far as you want to go and see how the signal is. Make sure you are on the same network that you are going to hook the outdoor cam to, They do not work on the 5.0 GZ network. You may want to turn off your cellular data while checking the distance of your network so you don’t get confused about which net work you are on or when it switches from your home wi-fi to cellular. Just a thought

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