Outdoor Cam - Device offline 71% still

Mdl WVOD1 about a month or so ago I started having trouble with 180 setting (this is on the porch). when I reset it it only held for a short period. last week I started getting “Device Offline” since I still had plenty of battery charge, I replaced the camera with a spare I had.

I am curious if there may be a fix or has it lived its life span? Thank you

How old is your version 1 WCO ? It should still be able to work if you’ve kept it charged up, mine have been in service since 4 Nov. 2020. Have you turned the power switch off on the back of the camera and turn it back on again ? I hope you didn’t delete the camera when it was off line. Have you tried turning off the power to the base for a few minutes then turning it back on to let the base set up again and have a solid Blue LED light.

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Not exactly sure of age but it was purchased with three others at the same time to complete the number the base supported they were purchased shortly after they were announce - all of those still function well. I had to replace one that didn’t connect well with a solar power panel and in fact that is the one I replaced the bad one with and it works fine now. I didn’t do as you just suggested - to turn off the power to the base nor did I try the power switch on the camera and feel stupid for not thinking of that. I have turned off that switch now and deleted it and it is back in the box. I guess I felt it was failing since I had the problem of not holding the 180 setting. when I get a few minutes I will try re-installing it in another location just for curiosity. the one on the porch is too important to try that location again. THANK you for your reply. this was my first time to go to the forum - I will spend some time and read through it - I now see the value…

Was the cam showing off line when you deleted it from the app or did you turn it off then delete it?
In the fine print that nobody ever reads including me there is a short line that states do not delete the camera when off line or you will not be able to set it up again. I’ve never done it but others have and didn’t get their cams to work again. Take it out of the box and try it out someday, you might get lucky. :upside_down_face:

I am pretty sure I turned the camera foo before deleting it. Thank you for pointing that out. I too had not read that or if I did I had forgotten it. I have so few problems with any of my wye products