Outdoor Cam Detection Zone Shaping

With the indoor cams, you can adjust the green detection zone grid. I noticed with the outdoor cam, you cannot. It is a static overlay, and I saw one user state that it was due to the sensor being a different type. Is it possible to change this to mimic the indoor cams? It would be really nice to be able to do that as if I manually push the camera down it will not monitor the entire area that I need to monitor, however but not being able to change the shape of the detection zone, I catch all the traffic from the road, which kills the battery very quickly. Thanks.

It is fixed due to the hardware on the camera. There is a pir sensor just below the lens that is aimed forward, just below the center of what the camera can see (the green box being the lower 2/3rds of the frame when in settings. To Re-aim the WCO detection zone you must physically nice the canera. The previous cameras have a “pixel change” detection which detects “motion” and is software based.

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