Outdoor detection zone, when?

When will WY?ZE make the detection Zone in the Outdoor Cam adjustable?

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That will likely not ever happen. The reason is that the PIR sensor has a fixed detection area. It’s not something that can be adjusted in software (as opposed to the pixel based detection on the indoor camera). That is why detection distance and image sensitivity are adjustable, but detection zone must be set by adjusting the camera.


Question: are there any other cameras equipped with PIR detection out there that do have adjustable detection windows??

Can you clarify how to adjust the detection zone. Which part of the image is the detection zone? The area with the green cross-hatch on the bottom or the clear area on the top?


There is no way software/firmware can make the zone coverage adjustable.
That is determined by the IR lens in front of the detector. You can adjust the detection zone the hard way by masking off part of the IR lens with black electrical tape. I did this with a Wyze Motion sensor mounted above my front door to reduce false notifications. Works good. It takes some time to get it right because you have to use trial and error.

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This article describes the settings for the outdoor cam: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037908391-Motion-Detection-and-Effective-Area

You’re supposed to be able to adjust the effective area by moving the camera. It’s just not clear based on the description which is the effective area when the app is displaying the camera.

Also, how does the distance setting impact things. It’s not even mentioned in the article.


The area the sensor covers is the area highlighted in green in the cameras image.


Most PIR sensors claim a detection distance of about 20 - 40 feet.
However, at the 40-foot distance, the sensors have increasingly larger blind zones because of the characteristics of the polymer lens used to focus IR radiation on the PIR sensor. Also, the further away from the sensor the further the person has to move to be detected. The sensitivity is actually a misnomer. What it actually does is set the value of the voltage differential across the PIR sensor that triggers the sensor.
The speed, size, angular direction, and temperature differential of the object to be detected determines the voltage differential across the sensor. (How far away a person/object is detected.)
Example: A person moving fast across the field of view might be detected at 40 feet. A person slowly moving directly towards the PIR sensor may not be detected until 5 feet away.
Until Wyze decides to publish the actual detection zone map of their PIR lens combination We won’t know. It’s certainly misleading to the customer who believes there is an equal chance of detection anywhere in the “Green Zone”
To see what PIR detection zones actually look like. Google: “PIR detection zones” and select Google Images.
(Sorry if this is TMI. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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the light green area on the bottom half 2/3rs

Yes. Blink cameras do have adjustable zone detection. I have 3 of them and they work well.

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