Detection zone for wyze outdoor

I am wondering if the detection zone could be changed to be able similar to the v2 and pan box.

Due to the PIR sensor on the camera, the detection zone can’t be changed.

Some cameras use the PIR sensor as the main detector and then use the pixel based algorithm with a motion detection box to determine if the motifs in the zone. (Blink uses this)

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Well, the blink xt2 is a PIR motion camera it has ana rea where you can make it where you click on a box where it won’t detect motion from that area or have all area covered fro motion.

SO to say it can be changed is flat out untrue.

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The PIR zone can be enhanced with pixel based detection but the default PIR detection zone can not be changed without modifying hardware.

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So in other words you are admitting it can be changed. So please don’t come on and say it can’t.

If you’ve already made up your mind on the answer, why ask the question.

For anyone else, NO the PIR detection zone can not be changed. It is hardware based.

It can be enhanced not changed.

PIR sensors generally have only one element, but IR is focused on that element from many different directions using a lens. In the same way you can’t change your eyeglass prescription with a dial on the side of your glasses, the PIR detection area can’t be changed in software. It will always “see” the same area.

What you can do is decrease the sensitivity of the PIR sensor so it isn’t triggered by small changes in heat, or you can do what Blink does (and CamPlus will eventually do on the WCO) and check the recorded video after the PIR sensor activates the camera to see if the motion was within the software-defined detection area. It’s a very handy way to layer two different technologies for better accuracy and I’m looking forward to having it on the WCO.