How to adjust detection zone in Outdoor cam?

New Outdoor cam seems to work well, but I would like to reduce the size of the motion detection zone. Can’t seem to do that.

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Nope, its a fixed area where the green box indicates the detection zone. On that same page it states to adjust the detection zone, manually adjust the cameras position. This is because the method of detection is a hardware “pir sensor”, and not software based (like the v2s and Pans are).


Thanks. Kind of a disappointment, but maybe a future version will have that capability.

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I agree that it’s not the best, but making a detection zone is harder for the WCOs because of the PIR(passive infrared) sensor. The camera uses this sensor to detect motion because it saves battery and is more accurate. This sensor is a fixed sensor similar to the Wyze motion sensor and other smart motion sensors so it’s not easy to make a detection zone for it. Blink was able to make a detection zone by having the camera detect motion and compare it to a detection zone, but it’s not always reliable and it uses battery power.
The wired cameras use pixel-based detection. Pixel-based detection compares the pixels in the image and looks for a change, When a large enough change is detected, that is registered as motion. The lower the sensitivity, the bigger the change needed in more pixels to be registered as motion.

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Okay you say the box is Green. To me the shaded area and line look Blue. I am partially colorblind in the red green area. Just to be clear there is a line on Cam output with shaded below and clear above. The shaded area is the detection zone. Please correct me if I am wrong. Have to go up a tree 12 feet to adjust :slight_smile:

You are correct. When looking at the fixed detection zone screen, the 2/3 shaded part is the “zone”.

Thank You. Solved my problem.
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