Detection Settings

How does this work? The manual adjust doesn’t see to work at all. Also, as I move the sensitivity and distance toggles the green square doesn’t seem to move.

What device are you using?

If it’s the outdoor camera, you cannot adjust the detection zone because it uses a fixed PIR sensor.

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Well heck that would do it I guess? Yes, Outdoor. Do the sliders do anything?

They do, but nothing that’s visible in the app except the slider. You would notice and increase or decrease in notifications or captures based on the sliders.

The green box showing the PIR sensor range will stay the same - that is primarily used for aiding in where to aim your camera.

The PIR sensor detects horizontal motion. So you would want to position the camera in a way that the the area you want to detect motion in would typically having motion going from one side of the zone to the other side. Not up and down.


Like stated, the “manual adjustment” is you physically moving the camera so that the fixed green box (where the PIR sensor is aimed) is over where you want motion to be detected. The sliders are just adjustments to the software algorithms. The initial detection system in the WCOs are different than the V2s and pans, it’s hardware vs software.

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So do the numbers on the adjustment sliders have any meaning or correlation (i.e feet / distance or %s for sensitivity)?

Or could the numbers just be eliminated and replaced by saying something to the effect of close / far, or low / high sensitivity)?


Wyze support link suggests that bigger numbers mean less chance of detection.
This seems to be opposite of how I’d use the term sensitivity.
Basically, 100 sensitivity, means 100% of the pixels must change in order to trigger an event. Ie, very insensitive.
However, all other searches suggest the opposite.
Also, sound sensitivity doesn’t appear to be documented.

I’d like some details too…,you%20would%20like%20to%20edit.

Which camera are you referring to the V1, V2, Pan or WCO?

I’m using v1 and v2.
The support link didn’t seem to refer to a specific version though.
I’m testing actual sensitivity, but I suspect the doc is wrong…

In the V1 and V2 the sensitivity is just listed as Low ----- High, with Low nearing zero and High reaching 100, the way I have experienced it I get more videos close to 100 meaning it is a higher sensitivity