Detection Setting Question - Zone vs Distance

I can see one can set the distance sensitivity from 1 to 100 but does that setting become irrelevant if one uses the custom zone setting with the little squares. I am thinking it ignores that slide bar value if you set your own detection zone.

I assume the sensitivity is not affected.

I have been playing around with the camera trying to record birds on bird feeder. I had to put it pretty close before the motion detection worked.


As I understand it, the slider is sensitivity - not distance. Sensitivity still applies if you are using detection zones.

Which camera are you using ? The WCO works different in detecting motion than the others.

I have the out door camera that you use with a base station. if you go to detection settings →
you see Set detection distance of the camera as the first control, then set image sensitivity

Then under that there is a section for detection zone on or off,
if you set this on then a picture of the caners view shows up with little grids that you that you touch to turn on or off.
I am thinking when you use this feature over rides the initial detection distance control.


I have 4 WCO. I have never had the detection zone work on any of my cameras so now I don’t set one. I just make sure the PIR zone is in the correct location and the camera is facing so that motion is crossing the view of the camera and not coming straight at it or away from it. I have everything set at 100%