Can someone explain detection distance?

I’m just curious what the detection distance setting on the WCO does? If you set it very close does that mean the camera only looks for motion that is physically close to the camera? For example, my WCO is set in my backyard and I have a busy street behind my house. The street is around 90 feet from the camera’s location. So if I set the detection distance lower will that prevent the camera from picking up any passing cars as a motion event?

I am not exactly sure what the detection distance setting adjusts, you may have to tinker with it. I do know if the road is 90 feet away you should not run into issues of it picking up motion on the road. The WCO uses a PIR sensor which detects heat instead of changes in pixels. Due to the fact it looks for heat it is only accurate to about 20 or 25 feet but unlike the V2 should not trigger on moving branches or bugs.

Well it would still be nice to have it explained a little more thoroughly. Yesterday I was getting motion event triggers for my patio umbrella blowing in the wind. And the umbrella wasn’t even really in the detection zone. I’ve had a hard time getting the settings to pick up something like my dog without picking up the movement of something like my patio umbrella.

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