Help! Outdoor Camera Detection Settings

I need some help guys. I have my outdoor camera mounted on mailbox. The purpose is to capture all vehicles passing on the roadway. I live in a private subdivision and this gives me a peace of mind.

I want the camera to activate and record when the vehicles get close to the camera. When the camera activates and starts recording, it apparently needs 15 seconds to get ready again (regardless of a cool down period) (it is turned off) because I live in a cul-de-sac… When the vehicles turn around and it takes them less than 15 seconds to leave it won’t activate again and the camera won’t record them leaving.

I have played around with the settings but I need a professional opinion. I’m gonna try to attach a photo of the view.

What do my Detection settings need to be on?

Thanks guys!

it might not be because of the camera…the cause of the problem might be because of the car.

if I am incorrect please correct my assumptions here.
being in a cul-de-sac, the vehicle is more or less facing the camera when it is triggered the first time. being that the WCO is triggered by PIR sensor which uses a heat sensor it is more than likely that it is capturing 1 the heat of the radiator( possible) or 2 the collective heat of the engine bay ( hood and fenders and all those goodies) and that is what is doing the initial triggering. as the car turns away and leaves and heads AWAY from the camera the only heat source on a vehicle from the rear is much much smaller ( the exhaust) and may or may not, in this case it appears to be the latter, trigger the camera.

depending on the environment if a car is sufficiently warmed by the sun in the summertime the entire vehicle may trigger the camera but that depends on the sensor and the overall temp of the surface of the car.

I would say turn your settings all the way up…sensitivity and distance…and slowly work them down until you get no more false alarms. but keep in mind during midday if the road is warmed by the sun it may hinder your efforts as well as the PIR sensor may not " see" the heat of the vehicles as well.