Wyze outdoor motion detection zone

For wyze outdoor Is the detection zone adjustable for size and location?I had seen videos showing it was but I cannot seem to do it through the app on any of my devices.:cry:

I can’t on mine, says to move the camera.

You must physically adjust the camera so that the area you want to have motion detected is in the green. The WCO has fixed PIR sensors that are aimed slightly down from the camera view (the green box). On the other cams (ex:V2 /pan) the “motion detection” is done by pixel change detection within the defined detection zone.


You cannot adjust the detection zone on the Wyze WCO via software. Sensitivity, yes, detection area, no. But, you can change the detection area by physically masking off part of the PIR lens below the camera lens with black electrical tape. Unfortunately, this a trial and error process.

The light green area that represents the detection zone is completely bogus .in that: 1. No PIR sensor with a lens has a perfectly rectangular detection zone. 2. The app implies to the user that every person moving in the green detection zone will be detected. The PIR sensor is not uniformly sensitive in all directions because of the limitations of the IR lens.

The PIR is a differential heat sensor with a lens to focus the IR light on the sensor.
In practice, this means the sensor is less sensitive to objects approaching head-on than to objects crossing its field of view.

Move your camera so that it has a slightly more angular view of the area you are most interested in detecting people.

This guy on Youtube has a basic explanation of PIR sensors.


Edctsftio. Zone is garbage and this company went so downhill quick! This forum software is even a bightmare and is not responsive! I can’t even see what the hell im typing right now

This is a super helpful explanation! I wish Wyze included something (even simplified) like this in the mounting guide or added some sort of visual guide on the detection settings showing how PIR sensors detect things.

I had set up my Outdoor cam initially pointing straight onto my driveway and, of course, the PIR sensor couldn’t detect anything walking towards it until it was 1-2 feet away. If I had read this earlier, I would’ve saved myself several days of troubleshooting and re-mounting.

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PIR technology is really cool, but it comes with some caveats

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