Outdoor base wifi setup - Netgear NightHawk Router

New Outdoor base could not connect to Netgear Router running smart connect, resolved issue by enabling a 2.4GHz Guest WiFi network in Netgear router settings. Worked fine until latest Outdoor Base and Cam firmware upgrades, now base will not connect to Guest Network! Have 5 wyze Cam V2’s all connecting to same Netgear Router with smart connect, outdoor base is only Wyze product that requires a dedicated 2.4GHz network, but now even that doesn’t work.

I believe the Nighthawk has a LAN port, have you tried direct connection of WCO Base to Nighthawk?

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Thanks for attempting to help.

Yes! I’ve always been able to connect by ethernet wire to router, no problem there. I have a 2.4GHz Wifi Network exclusively for this base station. Problem was that after most recent firmware update (4.16.216) and after a power shutdown, base station would not re-connect by wiFi, only by ethernet wire connection.

I quit yesterday after over ten attempts throughout the day, including rebooting the router. I left the base station unplugged all night, after four attempts today the base station has now connected by WiFi. So, problem solved for now but still a mystery why it takes so many tries to get the base station to connect to wifi when dozens of other devices don’t have any trouble at all.

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