Outdoor camera issues. Loosing connections

The outdoor camera hub will not work over WIFI. Works on wired only. Password and 2.4 all are correct and the Netgear Nightawk App shows connected at 2.4 wifi AND hardwired. Disconnect the wired by pulling the plug and the cameras are lost. Then connecting back up the cameras cannot be made to work even though the hub has constant blue light, The only way is to go and bring the cameras in and go through the sync process again.
It would really nice if by trying to get online help the sysem would stop asking me totally unconnected questions abou my order. I need a phon number or a working email address to fix my problem please!

PS I am selling these in Home Depot and I cannot answer this question for customers and they tell me getting support is almost impossible.

Wyze customer service 206-339-9646. Pacific Time hours
M-F 5am-6pm
Sat 8am-4pm
Did you try life chat?

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Wifi problems? Install “inSSider”. Check your wifi strength.

Hub just 1 ft from the router plugged in

Tried calling sat on hold until I had to go to work

Not usefull

Yes - finally got through by email. Got a auto response on 2/2/21 still wainting for a reply. Phone lines on hold for ever Upgraded outdoor hub yesterday. Would not connect at all intially. Now I have to get the ladders out and resync each camera for at least the 3rd time. Still does not work on wifi even though it says it is connected. The hub is only a foot away from my new Netgear Nighthawk router.

since the base station upgraded its firmware it no longer even works hardwired to my router. The blue light says it is connected but the router cannot see it and neither can the app on my phone. Still trying to get a response from my case number Wyze Ticket 1029330 of 2/2/21. Anybody home?