I'm having difficulty getting my netgear nighthawk modem to operate the outdoor camera

I hooked the camera and wifi antenna to my att home wifi and it works great. I have a nighthawk portable modem, and it gets 3 bars of signal, and it works good as a modem for everything else on a property I have. I want to set up a cameras there. I can’t get the light to go solid blue, and I can’t get the network WYZE_bind_xxx to show up on my cell phone.

Perhaps this will not work with a netgear nighthawk, I don’t know. Any advice would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @homesculptor

Not sure what Nighthawk you have, how are you connecting the base to the nighthawk? Does the nighthawk have a 2.4Ghz channel?

Some more detail about your setup will be useful in assisting.