Nighthawk Router having problems with Wyzecam?

I recently purchased a wyzecam and am blown away with the “bang for the buck” quality.

I don’t see any possible way but since installing the wyzecam I have been losing internet frequently and having to reset the router. Very few items in my house use the 2.4 and I see no reason for the router going down due to the wyzecam but… when its on I lose internet connection on laptops in the house 2-3 times a day. Sometimes it comes back up but mostly I reset the router to speed things up.

The router is updated and I know its probably not the wyzecam but unplugging it usually stops the problems.

Any idea? I have usual busy house of tons of wifi appliances but usually never had a problem…

Others have reported that turning off Airtime Fairness on Asus routers may fix the problem.

Thank you very much for the reply. As mentioned I have a ton of wifi appliances but never have had a problem and couldnt see how the camera at 2.4 could cause anything…

I will look into asap!

I used to have an R7000, and was having the same issues until I turned off Wi-Fi connectivity on some devices I didn’t need connected all of the time. Most Netgear routers have the same issue mentioned in this forum article. When I got close to the 32 device limit (28, or so), I started having problems.

Its not possible to turn of any wifi devices so I’m turning on Qos to see if it makes a difference.
BTW, I have the R7000 also, darn didn’t think I’d need to upgrade so fast.

Fair warning, I found turning on QoS to make things worse in my use case. I moved to a mesh system shortly after. Then again, my R7000 was very long in the tooth, and the 2.4Ghz radio kept going offline.

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