Cameras and Router Not Talking

We have three Wyze v3 security cameras at a remote cabin 1.5 hours from our home, supposedly connected to a 2.4g wifi network generated by a NIghthawk M6 Pro that receives an AT&T cell signal.

Over the past year, I’ve had recurring trouble keeping the wifi connection between the cameras and the NIghthawk. After numerous calls and spending hours with AT&T and Wyze tech support, I have not found a permanent solution. The problem keeps recurring.

Too frequently, the Nighthawk wifi goes down and/or the cameras go “offline”. The cameras must then be unplugged from a/c outlet and plugged back in to reset. We’ve also reset the NIghthawk, at times.

It’s a 3 hour round trip drive every time we have to do this. Isn’t there a way to reset the cameras remotely? Also, the Nighthawk supposedly has a battery backup that automatically re-boots the router when there is a loss of power and/or wifi signal? If so, that doesn’t always happen.

What could be the root of the problem? Weak AT&T cell signal into the Nighthawk? Not a strong enough wifi signal from the Nighhawk router to the cameras? Power outages? I’d be grateful for any advice and a permanent solution. - Bob

You could add smart plugs in line with the cameras so hopefully the plugs would come back online when the wifi dies and would now allow you to power cycle the cameras remotely. You could use non smart outlet timers that could power off and power on the cameras at set times daily.

Since it appears to be effecting all cameras equally, I bet there is something with the hot spot not providing reliable wifi that’s effecting all the cameras. Some thoughts for starters.


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Do you have the battery for it?


From the looks of this, it doesn’t have EXTERNAL 802.11(y) antennas…Honestly thats a big big BIG RED FLAG.

I will guess since you stated this is on ATT that you have ATT service too, and have used cellular devices INSIDE there??? Signal strength???

I like the following to get info on the RF, or at least cellular RF side of things:

So install that and get some info on your cell site.

Is this device CENTRALLY LOCATED for the 802.11(y) network for the cameras?

Cabin construction??? Roof Construction?? YES this matters!

Metal roofs, insulating barriers for roofs are like RF vaccums, and will block it for cellular, could cause all kinds of issues for 802.11(y)

Since it supports 5Ghz and 6Ghz… Do you have these 802.11 bands turned on??? If so TURN THEM OFF and leave ONLY THE 2.4GHz network that wyze uses. Yes I am leaning towards turning the 5/6Ghz off when off site as possibly an issue…

Do you get the message “Network unstable… use 360p…” at any time when you are using it locally (at the cabin)??? I have a cruddy access point that some times I get dumped on to and attempting to access wyze cameras on it is pointless… it used for a honey pot… the SSID’s are there specifically to tempt the weak…this AP is not used for cams etc… its there for other reasons but some times the phones/tablets due to location will glob onto it…

Things I would be doing (FYI I work with RF systems for real life stuff, its not cellular, but its equivalent)…

  1. UPS for the modem, regardless if it has a battery or not… The change over to the battery could be enough to drop things, cause a reset etc. it should not, but either way… A good UPS for this will be $60-70.

  2. Location, LOCATION, LOCATION! The router needs to be in a central spot equidistant for the cameras…And MOUNTED HIGH UP!

  3. EXTERNAL CELLULAR antenna, and with some GOOD LOW LOSS CABLES to put that thing OUTSIDE WHERE IT BELONGS. Unless of course your site survey would show some good levels.

  4. 5Geee Cellular - DISABLED especially if you are low signal strength v. say 700MHz, 870, PCS (1900MHz) or AWS bands (FYI for others in the US cellular bands or frequencies are NAMED ie: A/B aka 870MHz, PCS (1900Mhz), 600/Incentive Auction, 700MHz, AWS, there are NOT numbers to them! Ie; B52, B 52 BINGO! Yes this is a pet peeve of mine! :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: ) This is where the site survey software comes into play, to determine what your area is using, signal strength etc…

  5. The BIGGEST issue I have with this router is the LACK OF 802.11(y) antennas… Thats a big fail to me… but I get the market its aimed at by its name “hotspot”

Getting a site survey of the 802.11(y) landscape is a plus, for this I personally like:


  1. As another post, getting some plugs to remotely reset the power to the cameras might be something you want to have around to test, I **** personally **** would not consider this a “solution.”

Without being there, on site, my gut tells me:

  1. 802.11 issues due to lack of external antennae, using the 802.11 analyzer I listed, put the phone right next to the camera, get a dBm reading from that location and each camera location…

  2. Coupled with location, Location, LOCATION! in placement of the router/hotspot

  3. Interference possibly if you have close enough neighbors even at a cabin! 2.4Ghz is a wasteland I wish EVERYONE would just abandon it for this stuff.

Especially if cellular data use via other devices is working…

Getting more data would help… to offer proper assistance.

Solutions can be all over the map, with out some more data…

Thanks for your reply and suggestions, I’m experimenting with your ideas. Also, Wyze is recommending new 5g cameras for a stronger, more reliable network. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for your ideas. Some of it was over my head, but I go most of it. What is “UPS for the modem”? Also, Wyze is recommending trying their new 5g cameras. Any thoughts on those?