Connection Issues With NetGear NightHawk R6700

We recently got the v3 camera and we go through the set up process and it scans the QR code then says cannot connect to network or timed out. I had this exact issue with my (2) v2 cameras when they updated their firmware. I had to resort to downgrading the firmware so they would connect with my router. I have a Netgear NightHawk R6700. Yes I have my device on the 2.4Ghz signal. I have attempted set up 20+ times on both apple and android devices. What is the solution to set up my v3 camera. Is anyone else having an issue with updated firmware preventing from connecting?

Not sure. Did you try temporarily disabling your phone’s mobile data?

@meredith.s.adams10, welcome to the community
You could try using the directions here for manually flashing your v3

Use this link to download a version of the v3 firmware

Let me know if this helps

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