Other than app to view cams

We have been going over this since the beginning. The app is the only way to see the cams except if you load a inferior version of the cams program and use stfp which to say the least really sucks. you lose some good features and don’t get any new features if released. or to load bluestacks or some program and run the android app in that. which for me didn’t go well at all, even if it does work, it isn’t stable.

so the main complaint is… at work some can’t use cell phone or have it out and/or can’t download programs on work computers.

so what is the solution? go vote on the things you want to see happen. but the votes don’t mean anything. this subject has been #1 since the beginning and it’s not even being considered.

So hey Wyze… Enlighten us please.

btw, my phone was lost for a week and a half then when i got it back, ended up breaking it. so now at this moment, have no way to view cams. the cheap laptop i got out of the closet barely runs window 7.

In the past i have shown to be very frustrated and upset of the service of products that were released in the beginning not getting things fixed but since then your products are multiplying. (i.e. did we really have to waste manpower on a wyze power strip? really?)