Options when Cell not available

what are our options to view cams when cell phone lost or broken? I won’t have my phone or a replacement for a week. also is their a way to view clips in wyze cam.

Personally I have used IP Camera Viewer on the Mac and I have heard that people have had success with TinyCam and Blue Iris but I have not personally used those. Also Alexa devices with a screen can be used very successfully.

Sorry to hear about your phone! Hope you get it fixed ASAP!

thank you would be perfect if wyze had a website i could log into and view my cams, that way anywhere i can get internet, i could view my cams.

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A concern a lot of people have with that particular solution is it means their camera video is being sent to Wyze and the feed could be misused more readily. But I do certainly understand your point. It would also substantially increase the amount of network bandwidth being used.

You may want to look into buying an inexpensive tablet to use for just such times? You can get a pretty nice Android tablet for around 100 USD that will run the Wyze app.

Hopefully that is possible for you? Or you get your phone soon!

thanks, yes i’ve thought of that, i will have a phone soon. however it still doesn’t solve the issue of being at work and not able to use cell or download program on company program. is there other cams that make viewing available besides of app?

Yes you are right you need something that can run the app. I don’t have a solution for your particular situation but it’s possible someone else may.

Good luck, I am glad you will get your phone back soon!

As to other cameras that offer web based viewers, I am sure there are such cameras but I don’t know of any off the top of my head.

thank you for your reply’s.

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Get a cheap Android tablet and install the Wyze app. Hopefully, you have WiFi at work that you can connect to.

Perhaps I didn’t explain things clearly. At work, we are not allowed to have electronic devices out and in use and we can not load programs on computers.

So the only other way besides havi g some super power is to log into a website to vew cam footage.

I know secure connections can he made since we do it several times a day with shopping, banking, those who work at home, etc.

Well, the original post mentioned a lost phone, that’s why I suggested a cheap tablet …

People have been asking for a way to view Wyze cams from their work PCs for sometime now. There’s no easy way, unfortunately.

Someone mentioned another inexpensive camera brand that has that feature. Forgot the name. Hopefully that poster chimes in here.

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Thank you for the info.