Orders online not showing up in the app

The orders I created in the Web portal are not in listed in the App. Any good reason for that?

Also, an order is still processing after 5 days. Is this normal? I always buy in Amazon, buying directly from Wyze doesn’t seem to a good idea.

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This happens to me too. I think it’s just a bug on Wyze’s end.

It depends on what you ordered. Some things (masks and outdoor cam) have been taking longer to ship but, they shouldn’t say “processing” for more then a couple days.
I’d try calling Wyze. You can get a faster response then when you open an online ticket. Wyze support tel:+1-844-999-3226

The outdoor cam is part of early access. It will ship later then other products.

You might have not been logged into your account when you made the order on the website. If you are not logged in, the order will no show up in the app.

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I’ve also seen people who accidentally created two accounts.

Thanks for the comments. Responding to all your ideas: I was logged into my account when I created the order. And I have only one account.
I can see the orders on the Web but not in the app. It is not the first time that this happens. This is my second order directly with Wyze and according to the app my order history is empty.
Not sure if this is a bug or the expected behavior

It’s a bug.