Duplicate wyze account by accident - what to do?

So a few weeks back I purchased a wyze cam and so far, so good.

Then I received several light bulbs as gifts, and decided to order one more to balance out a set of lights in my home.

When I ordered I was logged into the app, but somehow the log-in got switched from my bellsouth account (which I deliberately set up) to my gmail account, which I did not want to use.

Now, my camera and one light bulb show up on the gmail.

How do I do away with the duplicate account and get it all under the one I want to keep?

Thanks in advance,

Easiest way would be to delete the devices from the account you do not want. Then re-add them to the account you want to keep.

Then you could contact Wyze support to let them know to delete the other account.


Thanks for the feedback. And I had arrived at the same conclusion.

I had deliberately set up with my bellsouth email addy that I use for such stuff, and my indoor camera was already set up on that account. So I’m a bit tiffed that iOS and Google worked together to set up a gmail login and move my camera to that.

Just a heads up to any of you who (like me) may be new to some of this.

rbruceporter, thanks again for the suggestion, and all the best.