Order outside of USA

Hi, I am from Europe (Belgium) and want to order some stuff. But they only ship to USA. Is it have other way to buy at same price ? Because on amazon has also but more expensive…

And did the product work outside of USA ? And the app ?
(Hope is not same thing of xiaomi Yi ants)

Thank you for futur reply

Amazon is the same price when you factor in shipping. If you buy multiple items, Amazon is actually more expensive.

Right now, sales and support is limited to the US, so it’s not recommended that international users buy the products. The product works, but if you have warranty issues, for example, they can’t send you replacements, and some of the features (such as the Alexa skill, Complete Motion Capture, 2-Factor Authentication, and probably some others) are limited to the US & Canada. The cloud server stacks are all located in N America, too, so you may have more latency overseas.

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