Option to turn light off on front of wyze outdoor cam base station

The blue light on the front of the base station is really annoying could you build in the option to turn it off?

Thats a great idea! @ascully
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Thanks for considering this.

This is a great idea. The light is quite bright. My base station is in our guest room and sometimes guests would like to sleep there so I put a post-it-note over it but it’s still visible! although not quite as bright.

Just use a good thick tape. No light will get past electrical tape or other thick tape.

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The wyze devices all have LEDs that currently cant be turned off. If these are in bedrooms (i have the wyze base station in the bedroom closest to where the outdoor camera is located). The blue light is always on and it prevents sleeping with no lights. Please add an option to turn led lights off on base station.