Option to disable Spotlight On/Off Icon in settings (for Baby Cam)

I am using Wyze OG camera for a baby camera. Under spotlight settings, I disabled the activate spotlight with motion. The problems is that there is still a spotlight icon appears on the lower left hand corner of the screen of my iPad or iPhone. If this button is hit, the spotlight turns on and stays on. We use these cameras for baby cams and the camera is right in the baby’s face. My wife simply grabbed the ipad one night at 3AM, and because she grabbed it by the corner, the light turned on and woke my baby up. The worst part we did not know it was on and we are sleep training so my baby sat with the light on in her face for over 12 minutes while we tried to let her soothe herself to sleep. Obviously, she could not. Please add an option to remove the spotlight icon or at a minimum, a dialogue box to make sure the intent is to turn the spotlight on,

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Thats standard on all cameras that have spot light my friends and neighbors just love it a quick step when they have an issue

I understand that it is standard, and I can totally understand why. It makes a lot of sense for a security camera. I am only asking for a non-default option in the spotlight setting to disable it completely or remove the icon. I think others who also use these cameras as baby cams would agree (we use for security and baby cams). It would not change the interface for the default user.

You need last years model the V3,or better yet the new OG Telephoto would be your best bet

The V3 could work …or, they could add a very simple toggle button in the spotlight settings to accommodate a small portion of their user base. As a SW programmer, I can say with confidence that I really don’t think I’m asking for the moon here. It is a binary ON/OFF bit. No dependencies that I can imagine.

The OG telephoto will not work as a camera for small rooms. If the baby or my toddler moves even slightly, they will be out of view.

In the interim, I would put a piece of black tape on it. Just in case.

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