I have a issues with my cam v3, right now is recording but when I wanna look the videos on playback said “Operation failed” and I’ve been trying to find solutions. Anyone can help me please?.

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You are not alone in experiencing this. The forum is littered with posts of users having problems establishing a Peer to Peer stream with their SD Card for viewing recorded Playback footage.

I have not yet seen this pinned down to a specific cam model or firmware version, so I would think it is a server side P2P issue or an App issue.

I also haven’t seen any workaround or resolution yet. That isn’t much help, I realize that, just make sure everything is up to date and hopefully Wyze will figure out the cause and resolve it.

IMO, there are too many variables for others to know quickly and exactly what the issue is. I suggest you do a screen recording of it… then post the video here.

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There are too many variables. And, it has been reported here in the forum on the V3, V3Pro, PanV3, Floodlight Pro and the OG cams… and those are only the ones I follow closely. It may also be in other cams too. This leads me to believe it is a server issue. I have experienced it on my Floodlight Pro, but no other cams recently.