Numerous issues (playback, motion recording, etc)

Ive had two Wyzecam V2s for a few months now.

Both cameras have had a memory card in them since they were installed.

I have had numerous issues for several weeks now.

I am unable to view videos, even though I have them set for continuous recording. I have tried to restart the device, format the memory card, all to no avail. Half of the time when I try to format the card, I receive an “operation failed” message. Same as when I try to switch between continuous recording and record events.

One of my cameras doesnt even capture the 12 second video clips- I have no notifications at all.

The cameras sporadically just refuse to connect, or will connect for approximately 30 seconds, then I receive the “trying to connect 3 times” message. After this, it will sometimes connect and sometimes tell me to exit app or power cycle.

Ive been doing some research and have tried every suggestion I’ve come across, with no improvement.

Do any of the Wyze gurus out there have tips or tricks? I’d greatly appreciate it!

Very hard to diagnose without more info. Your best bet would be to submit a support ticket from within the app when you’ve having trouble so that the logs get sent to Wyze for analysis.