Brand new V3 says operation failed

Hi. I’m quite new to this stuff but love my wyze cameras. I just got the wyze cam v3 and now iv got 3 cameras. One is the original wyze cam and two are the brand new cameras. The two new ones work fine and are both the v3 or 3v or however its put. One of the new ones keeps saying “operation failed” every time I open to see a live view. Iv not had any issues this far with any of my wyze cameras other than over the summer the original one wasn’t getting my neighbor who threatened to “man handle me” while I was here alone with my two daughters. I think that was only because of my settings and the type of sd card I was using. I thought maybe the new camera that’s saying “operation failed” was saying that because I didn’t have a sd card in it yet. So I went out and purchased the best one I could find. Put it in and still says same thing. Like I said, this isn’t really a big issue, because it seems to be working fine. It’s mainly more of a bothering factor, because I am a little woman an alone untill 2a.m with my lil girls & my big an mean red nose pit we call “the fire man”. Any help would be appreciated. Also one wyze came allows me to speed up the video but the one that brought me here in the first place wont give me that option. They are all up to date on firmware too.