Ooma Integration

Hi there,

I’d like to propose that Wyze also integrate it’s camera capabilities with OOMA phone service and allow for smart scheduling with their alarm system.

For example, I have OOMA, I leave home, the security system arms, and tells the Wyze cameras to start monitoring (motion / audio) and send a notification if anything happens.

If anything does happen, I would get a notification or SMS (for those who don’t have data on their cell phones, SMS can be the backup to push notification). This would also allow OOMA to call my cell phone and informed me of what the situation is, or have the wyze server to do via ooma.

There are so many options for this integration and how it can be used. Another example is a tie into Google Nest and the smoke detector system, where wyze and Nest can work together and if smoke is detected, cameras would record to the closest area and use ooma to call or wyze will send a text as well, on top of what Nest does.

I’m pretty sure you could achieve this just by utilizing the IFTTT service.
They have Geofencing and Text/VoIP services.

Update: I just checked the triggers from Ooma Security and they don’t seem to integrate their security system. Therefore an additional assistant device like G Home or Alexa would be necessary if you want to connect the services.
To simplify, I would just set up geofencing for Wyze via IFTTT and that should work with Nest too!

Which you could then unify with an additional level of DIY hubs like HACS / Home Assistant or HomeBridge.