Only receive notifications if App is open

I have an outdoor camera and an iphone 12 - since installing the camera a week ago I only receive notifications of movement if I have the Wyze app open, if my phone is ‘asleep’ I do not receive any notifications! I’ve checked the obvious - notifications are set to “on”, cleared cache, updated firmware, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will be returning it if I can’t get notifications!

Do you have a phone Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb schedule engaged, or have the crescent moon symbol engaged on the Control Center drop-down during any of these times? If Do Not Disturb is engaged in any way, then you will only receive notifications from apps when the phone is awake.

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Thank you!!! I’ve never even seen “Focus” under settings before, a better word/name would be beneficial, lol! Made some adjustments to the Do Not Disturb setting and it now appears to be working, Yay :slight_smile:


Focus is supposed to give you tools to better “focus” on your day. :wink:

Glad that fixed it! :slight_smile:

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