Wyze Notification - New to iPhone

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I’m new to iPhone (switching from Android) so hopefully, this question/issue is easy to address. I’m not receiving almost any notification from the app unless it’s open. What I’ve noticed, is when I close the app all the way and then open it, the Zzz (mute notification) is enabled at first and then turns back off. As long as I leave the app open, notifications seem to work. I did have a location rule enable to mute notifications when I’m home, but I’ve disabled that rule for now until I can figure this out. Any suggestions on what would cause the mute (Zzz) to enable when the app is closed?

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The Zzz thing could just be a visual bug since its still loading the data, but interesting anyway.

The first thing I would check is in iPhone settings > notifications > Wyze. Make sure the notifications are set to immediately and always allow. Maybe send a screenshot of that page.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I can confirm that the notifications are enabled under the notification setting for the phone. It’s also enabled within the app itself.


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The Zzz means you don’t want to be disturbed, as in sleeping. You’ll have to find where it’s been turned off/on. My guess would be that somewhere in General Settings you have turned the “Do not disturb” button, or somewhere else within Wyze App, hard to say without looking at your device. Fortunately, Apple’s ecosystem is pretty intuitive and shouldn’t take you too long to figure it out ( I say this with grain of salt). Good luck, if you haven’t figured it out within two hours your device will self destruct (just kidding), come back and let us know what’s happening and we’ll try to help you out.

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I know this might sound weird, but I have a friend who’s on Android OS and I am on IOS and we keep on missing text messages, because he has “Do not disturb” turned on and he can’t find it. We get messages fine during the day but not after sun down…bizarre, hey

OP is talking about the ZZ in the Wyze app, to mute Wyze notifications. Its seperate from the OS do not disturb

Mine are set like this on the phone setting, get all notifications




This is how my notifications are set as well. Odd that I’m not getting them.

My V3 cams are set like this: If you have the same I am out of ideas for now. I have Cam Plus on the cams.

Interestingly enough, I’m starting to get more and more notifications now. Maybe the storms are causing service issues on the east coast? Not sure, I’ll monitor things over the weekend and report back with any new findings.

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Well I’m on the West Coast no issues here for me. Good luck