App sends notifications even when logged off

My ios app (2.16.25) keeps sending notifications even when logged off the app and after restart of phone. Do I have to disable the notifications in the phone settings manually? This was on a secondary device where I don’t need notifications anymore

Not familiar with iOS. In Android you can turn off notifications oer app. IOS must have the ssme thing.

Is it the same repeat notification you are getting or new notification?

In android, you dismiss the notification and it will not show up again.

Most owner complaints no notifications or delay notifications.

Go to settings, scroll down to the wyze app and click it. Then click notifications. Then turn the allow notifications off.

The whole point is not to disable notifications if I ever decide to log back in into the app. I thought when you log off to the main screen where it asks you for authentication it will no longer send you notifications from that account and ve like a Virgin app without any account associated with and therefore no notifications sent. I know how to disable them completely.

I think I figured it out. I had to log out and then back in into the primary device and the notification is no longer sent.

I didn’t know you actually meant you logged out of your Wyze account.
No, you shouldn’t be receiving notifications.
I suspect you really aren’t logged out until the app is forced close.
Technically there is no primary device.

I force closed the app and even restarted my secondary phone. It definitely lingers on all devices until you log back in on a different one. I have 3 different devices where I was logged in. Logged out out of one of them abut still received notifications everywhere. Log in and out on the other two and now it seems to be OK

I had no idea you can make it where you only receive notifications if you have the app opened up. Or am I misunderstanding this? Also trying to understand why one would want it that way as well? I prefer notifications coming at all times myself.

Sigh. I never even get notifications any more. But that is probably because I am sticking with a very old version.