Apple “Do Not Disturb” and Notifications

I need to know if anyone is moving through the house at night. Will the notifications be delivered to my iPhone if the overnight Do Not Disturb feature has been activated?

I am thinking NO. If that is the case, I will have to turn off audio notifications for all my other apps in order to receive WYZE notifications. Is that right? Or is there a way to exempt WYZE from the DND feature.

Welcome to the forum @GalleySlave.

I think if you use the Do No Disturb option rather than silent mode (Switch) on the iPhone you can do this.
You can setup Do Not Disturb options here:
Settings>Focus> Do Not Disturb
In there you can set the Wyze App and any others (or contacts) as Allowed (Meaning it is exempt from being silenced)

Then you can turn ON Do Not Disturb rather than the Silent Mode Switch and everything but what you have exempted should provide an audible notification.


Thank you for the insight. I do not have the FOCUS setting on my iphone. Guess I need to get that most recent IOS update installed.