iOS notification exceptions inability

I didn’t fully realize how restrictive iOS is until I installed this Wyze Sense system. The inability to have notification exceptions that allow alerts to come through even while in Do Not Disturb mode is truly mind boggling. It really puts a damper on being able to truly do full diy security. I don’t get it. Apple gives us 30 new emojis with every iOS release, but doesn’t update their software to give the user more control over how/when they get notifications?

What is everyone else doing to get around this issue? Is there anything that can be done…besides switching to Android?

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Currently the only things that can be excepted through DND are certain phone and text message sources on iOS. It’s possible they may add a way to allow certain apps through in the future. I believe Android allows this now.

If you really need the feature now I would go ahead and switch to Android as the earliest it would show up in iOS is likely to be iOS 14. And of course there is no guarantee it will.,

Hi sockofrog

Android is dubious on this feature as well:

In the comments of that topic there is a “liked” workaround using a third party app, though I haven’t tried it myself.

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Very well stated. I don’t know much about Android as opposed to iOS since it’s not my “daily driver” last time it was was when the Samsung Galaxy S3 was brand new!

At the time I tried to convince a co-worker to switch to Android from his iPhone 4. Instead he got me to switch to ios!

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Apple aikido? :slight_smile:

Exactly! One minute I was explaining to him how customizable Android was and the next thing I knew I was creating an Apple ID at the Verizon store!

android has taken not and there are options to allow Wyze through DND

I have it setup on mine. it just takes some playing to find it.

I can answer most android questions if someone has them. sadly IOS is the no go…the last Iphone I had I only enjoyed once. and that was when I was testing its durability with a bullet…for some reason it didn’t make it.


The part of me that held out hope for that feature has died. I am still mostly alive and accept the fact that I cannot be alerted consistently. equanimityy
Having said that, YMMV. If anyone can help ya, Bam can. Make him work.

It was either you or it. :man_shrugging: :+1:

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I plain hate iPhone, but that’s what I am given for work… So I had to make it work.
IFTTT can offer a somewhat work around to what iPhone is laking: When in DND mode, you can get phone calls through (you can select to still get calls from favourites only, or calls from any contacts). So with IFTTT you can setup a “if door opens, then call my phone”, then you add the ifttt number to your favourites, setup the DND mode to allow calls from favourites, and bingo, you will get called in the middle of the night hahaha. It actually calls you quite fast. Now you need to remember to turn on the applet when you leave.
Unless, and clearly not the right forum here, but does anyone know how to turn on applets based on your location, and/or create applets with 2 conditions?

That should work, however check with IFTTT as I think there is a maximum number of phone calls per month they allow. The number that sticks in my head is 50? If you exceed that you won’t get any more calls for that month. My PAN cam generates at least 50 motion notifications a week during DND hours for me.

But mine is outside looking at my backyard in a condo complex and every dog walker in the complex comes by at least once after DND goes on. For me it’s 10PM until 6AM.

@Wrecks0 is an IFTTT savant, I think. He might know.

I agree with peepeep, there are a number of IFTTT power users on here so someone may know the answer to your question. I believe you can accomplish part of what you want with the location service (geofencing).

Wyze needs to apply for and implement Critical Alerts. They have been around for over a year. They can get around Do Not Disturb.

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I have a couple of thoughts.

First, be careful what you ask for. Some night you might get notices every half hour for nothing particularly important and you’ll decide that sleep is important too.

Second, you might try and find the Apple equivalent of the Android Tasker app and see if a web hook will do what you are needing. However, it may take a lot of work to do this, only to find out the previous paragraph is true.

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Wayneluke is right, this is not an iOS limitation, it’s something that Wyze could have addressed a long time ago, if they wanted to. (They probably don’t want to because these are not security cameras.)

Yes and no. Since critical alerts requires iOS 12 or newer and Wyze currently supports iOS 9 or newer that feature would effectively render users of iOS versions 9, 10, and 11 unsupported.

Admittedly users of those versions are a small percentage of the user base but they do exist.

Also Apple has not actually granted the Critical Alert provisioning to all that many apps. I don’t know if it’s for lack of developers asking or if it’s their approval requirements.

Personally I don’t have a single non Apple app with the ability and can’t honestly think of any such apps? Does anyone have an example of such an app? I am sure they exist, but I would love to play with one just to see.

The point is, Wyze can address this if they want to. It’s irrelevant if earlier iOS versions don’t support it, it would obviously only be available where it’s possible, which as you said, is the vast majority of devices. Don’t let Wyze off the hook by pretending they don’t have the ability to do better. They do, but have chosen not to, for unknown reasons.

I don’t think it’s as simple as you are making out nor as easy a decision. But hey I don’t work for them so it could be. But before I would be willing to cast aspersions I would want to see examples of other apps that use that mechanism to get around DND.