Critical alert. Critical alert. Critical alert

Get it done for IOS - long asked for and long overdue. Massive failing in this offering. Such a basic piece of functionality in a security system. Not much use if your camera detects someone at 1am and doesn’t wake you up. Reolink woke me up last night alerting me to an intruder in Africa at my borehole!

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Do you have notification enabled? What am I missing here? Notification has been a basic function since day 1.

IOS has critical alerts which is special notifications that bypass do not disturb. This would be a nice feature to have an option for.

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As most of you know, I barely use my work forced on me @#$%^&* iPhone. On my Android, I can control what does and does not get affected by DND.


Yeah, Android does have great control over things. I can let some through DnD, some I change and customize the notification message for. I can pin them, I can customize the sound, do text to speech, enact automations based on notifications, etc.

Since iOS restricts all of the above to it’s users, it would be nice if Wyze at least made the effort to support this feature for then to choose if they want an alert to bypass DnD. That does seem pretty important for something that many people use for self monitoring security purposes. Wyze does allow it for certain notifications already (with their HMS or Cam protect I believe), and so we know they can do it. I think they should expand it in general. It’s kind of a basic feature now as I see it.