Feature request - push notifications even in sleep/do-not-disturb

Another camera that we use (Reolink) has a feature that enables push notifications even when my phone is un sleep (DND) mode.

That would be a cool feature here.

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Just checked my Android and with Do Not Disturb ON I still get notifications.

On Android you can choose what Apps can pass the notifications through Do Not Disturb mode.


You can do this on IOS as well, Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb > Allow Apps


Thank you both!

I actually found on iOS how to allow the apps in DND mode (well, Sleep mode in my case) immediately after posting this.

However, I noticed that while the notifications technically do come in, they come in silent (guess I had my phone in silence). Somehow the Reolink doesn’t suffer from that, so I still think this might be worth looking.

At any rate, Reolink made a quick shortcut to the point that if they hadn’t done that, I never would’ve considered that I could do this manually for Wyze and possibly settle for thinking that it can’t be done. UX really.

Are the reolink ones “critical notifications”, with the red icon at the top?

They do call them “Critical”

Yea those are an IOS feature that allows certain notifications to bypass all filters. Wyze uses them for the the home monitoring system, but not for anything else.

There’s probably a wishlist request for this, or you could create one. But for now I don’t think there’s anyway to bypass your phone being on silent