Wishlist - override silent feature

I can’t seem to add this to the wishlist forum if someone could add it for me?

I use the cameras on the farm for security. At nighttime, the iPhone is on vibrate which doesn’t allow the wyze app to send audio notifications if it picks up person/vehicle/animal in the selected field of view. It would be great if there was a feature added to the settings that would “override silent” to send notifications. This would keep all other non-emergency notifications quiet while still being able to alert me if there is an intruder.

They would have to program it for Critical alerts that take special approval from Apple I think. This is for special notifications that bypass the device’s mute switch, focus, and do not disturb settings.

I have other apps that do this one is a water leak detection sensor. So even if I have my phone muted it will still alert me. I can for sure seeing this being a plus for home monitoring.

I did put it in for a wishlist, but it has to be approved before it gets posted.