Can you turn off sound and vibrations on the notifications?

SO I have several cameras and get non stop notifications day and night. If I have my phone on silent, it still vibrates with the alerts. Is there a way I can turn the vibration off as well and just see my alerts when I look at my phone?
I keep my phone on my nightstand in the evenings and it constantly goes off.


I am hoping that an iOS user can chime in with the answer. I am an Android user so I may only be able to point you where to look. I had an iPhone many, many moons ago, but they have progressed so far since then I probably wouldn’t recognize it.

You won’t be able to do this from within the Wyze App though. It will have to come from the iOS settings.

In Android, it has the ability to do this on the volume buttons. When pressed once, the popup volume button controls appear allowing to toggle between Full Sound & Vibrate, Vibrate Only No Sound, and Full Silent No Vibrate. We also have a Do Not Disturb mode that can be invoked but that causes notifications from apps to not wake the phone unless they are within the exceptions allowed list.

I have a couple of iPads with the Wyze App. If I go into the iPad Settings-Notifications, I can toggle off the Wyze App. Should work on an iPhone. Yes, I know it’s more cumbersome than just putting it in Silent.

It works on iPhone, just turn off sound and keep the Banners either temp or persistent.


Second this solution. If you’re getting persistent buzzes on your iPhone, turn off the Sounds within the iPhone Notification settings.

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