Not getting can v3 vibration notificationon new iPhone

I have a new Iphone (switched from Samsung very sad) . Wonder why Wyze notifications on Iphone 13, all updates is not vibrating. I know I cannot change the sound in IOS like you can on Samsung. But vibration would be nice.

Firmware and software, iOS, etc. are up-to-date as well as for the cameras.

I do not see a haptic vibration setting for Wyze specifically in ios 16.2, just general haptics in Sounds & Haptics like Play haptics in Ring mode and Play Haptics in Silent mode but this is to do with Ring/Silent Mode Switch .

And under General Accessibility Vibration is on…

There is a System Haptics which I turned OFF to reduce such but perhaps Wyze uses this???

Under Notifications for Wyze on ios there is Banner Style, Sounds and Badges which all are on but of course nothing related to vibration.


Thank you very much