Only 14 day storage with SD card?

I have an SD card in the base and backup from cams to base setup. I am still only getting 14days recording. No subscriptions.

Is that it or am I missing something?

The recordings are stored on the SD card, you’ll need to remove it to view the recordings. The backed-up recordings aren’t in the “events” section.
See this support article for more information:

The SD in the base has nothing to do with the 14 days. The 14 days is how long to video events will stay on the WYZE server then be erased. If the events are on the SD in the base they will be there until you either remove them or format the card again. If the card is full I don’t think it writes over again like on the other cams do. You can use the app to see how much data is on the SD. Settings>advanced settings> microSD card storage.

Thanks to both of you. I assume lack of ease of getting to those is based on pushing subs.

Thanks again.

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This thread seems to deal with storage on micro SD cards so here is a link to a flex cable extender that you plug into the cameras SD card port. At the other end of this cable, you plug in your SD card… Makes removal and replacement of the SD cards much more convenient.:

I have these on 3 of my cameras and they make reviewing the SD card contents much easier.

Interesting, thanks for sharing this.