One Wyze Strip Light turned on by itself

I have TWO Wyze Strip Lights, one behind the TV, and one under a shelf at my desk in my office.

Both Strip lights are triggered by rules, for example, BOTH turn on to RED if the garage door is left open for greater than 5 minutes, That rule also triggers four Wyze Color Bulbs in a ceiling fan to Red as well. I have other similar rules for those four Wyze Color Bulbs AND the TWO strip lights to turn on when certain Entry Sensors are in an OPEN condition for greater than a specific number of minutes.

Last night the light behind the TV turn on to Red for no apparent reason at all. My wife and I were watching TV, Both devices (iPhones) were not being used, No other lights turn on that would normally be triggered by a Rule.

Nothing shows in the Rules History as triggering the light to turn on.

Is there any way in the App to find history for what triggers light to turn on or off, or change its color and/or brightness?

I submitted a log if someone at Wyze wants to look into this and get back to me 567961

Not that big of a deal, but with all the security issues out there, makes me wonder why the light turned on by itself.

I’m hoping it’s just a rule that is buried in my many rules that is the reason, but then trying to go through the mosh pit of rules in the app on my phone is as fun as going to the dentist for multiple root canals. (would be nice if I could manage rules on my computer, rather than my phone)


You can view rules history in account page > rules > history. Also, Wyze doesn’t generally look at logs posted here, as this is primarily a user to user community. If there’s still an issue after viewing the rules history you may wanna contact support unless anyone else here has an idea.