Wyze bulb logs?

Anyone know if there is a place to see activity logs for the bulbs?

I have a bulb that likes to turn itself off then back on recently at 254 am the last 3 nights. I have no routines or schedules for this bulb. I have looked around in the wyze app and Alexa but not seeing anything obvious.

Tonight it has done it twice before the “usual” time.

Very curious as to why this is happening.

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there is a history in the account tab I believe. you might be able to see the activity in there.

Thank you for the response @Bam. That appears to only be for schedules events.

Not sure if the app would give any insight unless the action is triggered from the app.

Just all random thoughts:
Can we interface with the devices via Mac or IP? Do they store any data? When we send a log file to support where does that generate from? What’s in it?

Probably all things IP for wyze but I imagine someone has poked around.

I have 3 cameras that pick up the bulb turning off and on on its own. Just weird and would like to sleuth it.

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Oh I’m sorry I misunderstood

I am currently experiencing the same issue. The lights turn on randomly, and at times turn off randomly. Or if it was already on, the brightness increases…

Oh wow. This is a blast from the past.

Welcome to the forum @pirelouisd87. I never found logs, in my case it turned out to be a loose wire connector on my light fixture.

I actually found the issue… Alexa was triggering it

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