Color Bulbs keep Turning On Randomly

Ok CS seems to be of no help at all, again as usual. My color bulb keeps turning on randomly. No vacation mode set, no rules, no triggers, nothing. What gives. Please help me.

As with all issues, please state the app version and the firmware version numbers for troubleshooting due to some recent updates. Need more info about the bulb usage, what type of fixture? Where around the house is it? Paint thee picture for the community to know your bulb setup so that help can be as focused as possible.

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iPhone app is V2.23.23. The bulb version is The bulb is in my table lamp. It is 4 feet from the router. The regular Wyze bulb was in that same lamp since the bulbs came out and no issues. This issue started 1 week ago. I do not link to Alexa as I despise AIs. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I should know to give that information by now. I have not scheduled vacation mode. I have no rules, no triggers and no schedules. Power outage is set to restore to previous state. So if it was turned off when power goes off then when power comes on it should stay off.

Does the table lamp have a dimmer switch on it?

What was the change that happened one week ago when this started? New firmware? New app version? Move the bulb placement?

Try this, move the bulb maybe 15 to 20 feet away from the router. Maybe being so close it’s getting blasted twith too much signal with the router being right there.

No outlets farther away to move to. And as far as I know nothing has changed. I did all the updates of the app when they came out, but that was before the 12th so not sure what is happening. Again, it’s only this one. The regular bulb works great in the lamp. Oh and just for the record, the Wyze app works better on iPad then it does the iPhone. I barely can connect with the iPhone and i have 85 gigs of free space on the phone. So I don’t know

Since the bulb can’t be moved for troubleshooting, and no idea what changed or what is causing the issue, I’d suggest going back to the regular bulb that works great in that location.

Ironically, @FriendofFeralCats mentioned that the other Wyze .smart bulb worked fine

Yeps. I wonder how much the internals changed between the original white bulb and the color bulb. Hmmm.