Light Strip Pro Rules Bug

I created a rule for my light strip pro to turn on at sunset. When it runs, it changes the color that
I had previously set it to - to some sort of daylight color.

It doesn’t do that when I manually turn them on through the app or Alexa - it keeps the previous color.

I even modified the rule to set a specific color but when it runs it still resets it to daylight.

I have Sun Match turned off.

I will test mine later today as well.

Can you post a screen shot of your Rule in Wyze and the Routine in Alexa?

Here they are. There is no Alexa routine - it’s just a device added to Alexa.
The Light Strip Pro is Kitchen Lights. Family Room Lights are Wyze Color Bulbs. They do not have the same problem, although they do have another annoying one.

Thanks, I will test this a bit later.

However, when you turn on the lights, via Alexa, it will turn on at the setting it was at when it went off.

But let me check this out as I may have a method to do what you would like.

Thanks. Yes when I use Alexa or when I use the Wyze app, it will use the previous color.

However, I think it’s a bug when the Wyze rule specifically allows me to set a color then ignores it and uses a default color instead.

No doubt it may be a bug. Here is what I did as a work around for now:

on the strip light, only turn it on.

Then Set another rule to set the other conditions with the trigger being the On Event of the Light Strips. then set the actions to be the other settings and the time to be what you would like. Here is what I did:

Thanks, I’ll try it.

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@WyzeDesmond , wanted to point out this thread to you so you can review the contents and determine if it is a bug or not. Since it seems the bulbs work but the T-Strips don’t, there may be an issue.

In addition, I created a rule which should provide what @franks59 is looking for, but wanted to let you know that the Rule History shows that the Rule actual ran 12 times. I believe that there may be a glitch as the Rule should fire once and apply the Actions as needed, so I think. But it seems the Rule Fired each time the setting was set, just my belief. :slight_smile:

Firmware / App / Log Informaiton

  • Log Submitted via the App: 916508
  • Android App Version: 2.39.0 (b170)
  • Light Strip Pro (TOffice Strip) FW Version:

Supporting Images (Rule Image and Rule History)

In the images below, you will see the Rule has 3 actions to perform when the Light Strip goes on. The Actions get applied to the same light strip.

Image Below shows most of the times the Rule Ran: Note it ran 12 times (or at least the histiry shows it).


Thanks. That worked, but… I think it exposed another bug.

The rule has a trigger called “Turns On”, meaning (to me) that it will fire only when it goes from the “Off” state to the “On” state.

However after the rule fired and all went as planned, I decided I temporarily need more than 30% so I asked Alexa to increase the brightness to 100% which it did. But a second later, the brightness reverted to 30%. The same thing happened when I changed the brightness through the app. Additionally, the same thing happened when I changed the color to Orange - it changed, then immediately changed back.

So it seems the trigger “Turns On” will fire on any change made to the light - power, color, brightness, etc.

Interesting, I will test on my side again.