One side noticeably quieter than other after dropping the case on a padded floor

Dropped the case with the buds inside. Once. On the padded floor of a gym. The buds flew out, also landing on the padded gym floor. Now the right one is noticeably quieter than the left, although both sides turn on, pair and do work.


  • Shouldn’t earbuds be able to withstand one drop onto a padded floor?
  • Is there anything I can try to fix it?
  • Balance - is there a L-R balance I can adjust in Wyze earbuds or in Android to compensate for this? I’ve looked and cannot find…

Hello @Su_medley.

I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped the Wyze Buds Pro case in various locations (and some not so dry places) and they have exploded out of the case… not in any instance of my slippery hands did the performance deteriorate with a drop, but, this has been my experience.

While dropping them on a padded floor seems to be much gentler than what my Pro Buds have been through, they are still an electronic device and could be impacted by any type of drop.

Check to see if you don’t have some debris in the bud that might have come loose in the drop and it’s blocking the speaker.

There is no balance setting within the Wyze App.

Check to see if they are clean, and if not give them a what for again, maybe a jolt will straighten them out?


Thanks. I tried cleaning them out, but no change.

Turns out, Android does have left-right balance. It’s under Settings->Accessibility->Audio adjustment